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Jus concentrate!

2017 May 31
by Shalini

Coming shortly!

It’s jelly good!

2017 April 30
by Shalini

Coming jolly soon!

Rice to the occasion!

2017 March 31
by Shalini

Coming soon!

Frittered Away!

2017 February 28
by Shalini

Coming up shortly!

Hello, 2017!

2017 January 31
by Shalini

Well, would you look at the time?! It’s already the end of January…Looks like I’ve been dragging my feet into the New Year!

Okay, here as promised, are “catch up posts” for the last three months of 2016 which were filled with lots of travel, celebrations, nasty bouts of the flu, and of course some of the foods that took us through all that.

Happy new year 2017

Thank you all for reading, and Happy 2017! 🙂

Preserved in gold

2016 December 31
by Shalini

Growing up in India, I’ve been aware from an early age of how highly regarded turmeric is for its antimicrobial properties, in culinary as well as medicinal usage. Now, it’s the latest golden oldie, a trendy superfood on top of the pop charts!

Steal some sunshine

Turmeric in fresh and dried form, has been lighting up foodscapes, (most notably in the “golden milk” craze) and pharmacy shelves alike. I use turmeric in my daily cooking as a matter of routine, so I haven’t really been pushed to seek out novel ways to incorporate it into my diet. I was, however, delighted to discover a delicious new take on it in the form of “candied turmeric”.

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